Turkey 2013

From the title of this post, its not hard to guess what I am going to be talking about. From the 2nd of June until the 9th of June, I spent an amazing week in the Aegean Coast of Turkey in Kusadasi. A beautiful place with welcoming people. Here is a few photos I took while I was there.

In the city

A small village in selcuk 

View from the cave of seven sleepers


View of kusadasi


View of Selcuk from a mountain



Those are only a fraction of the photos taken, but I figured uploading all of my pictures would be boring to look at, So this is just a snipet of this wonderful country which I hope to revisit. The weather was amazing, and the views were spectacular. During the months of July & August, the weather in this part of Turkey can reach 50 degrees. Thank god I didn't have to endure that. I would probably sizzle in the heat. So, all in all, a wonderful, cheap country to visit. I could say so much about the town, but I think the pictures sum it all up. 
Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this post! 


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