A glamorous manicure doesn't always have to be done in a salon. Sometimes it can turn out just as beautiful when done at home. Here's how :-

White nails have to be the most simple yet beautiful look to wear. I have been lusting over the exact style of nail I have shown below, yet I was always more of a claw nail kinda gal. While shopping in boots today I decided I would give some shorter square nails a try. The prices will be listed at the end.

square nails by nailene 

Shade 703 white hot love

Nailene glue 

How to :

Buff nails and push back cuticles before beginning. This will leave a smoother base for the nail
Size each nail and make sure the nail is not too big over your original nail
Place the glue directly onto the acrylic nail and place the nail over your fingernail 
Once every nail is applied, paint them. Two coats of polish is required.
Leave to dry. If the nail is too long, file it down, although the medium size here is perfect for mine. 

If you wanted you could add glitter to one or two nails, but this is completely up to the indiviual. I personally prefer the white left alone. I think with some rings added, this nail look is perfect for any occasion. 

For the nail glue, the nails, and the polish the total was €14.07. Nail glue is supplied but I prefer a stronger glue to the one in the packets. 

If you have any manicure posts please link them below as I love getting new ideas for my nails! 

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