St Moriz Tan Review

Okay, so this is a bit of a mixed review. I neither love nor hate this tan. (weird I know). I got this because I felt that the Sally Hansen tan made me look like a fairy, due to the sparkles in the tan. So whilst shopping one day, I decided to take the plunge and buy this tan.

The tan is a mousse, so initially I thought it would be easy to apply. How wrong was I. If the tan if left on the skin for more than 30 seconds, It dries in leaving an orange patch, which unfortunately doesn't come off that easily. Once the tan is applied, It smells dreadful. But, I got over the smell, because I really wanted a tan for the night. I was wearing a white top, and during the night, if I began to sweat at all, I would see a rainbow of colours on my top under my arms. Also, any little bit of water will leave a bit streak in the tan. I actually got a drink spilled all over me on a night out & because I was wearing a crop top, I had massive streaks all over my stomach. Did I mention this tan also goes green? Yes, when I arrived home, my feet, which were also victims of the spilled drink, had gone GREEN. I had heard this happen to other people before, but I never thought it would happen to me as I had applied it with a clean tan mit. 

The other side to this tan is that even when you scrub it off, its not gone. Its on your skin for at least a week. I hate the mousse, because it drips from the bottle if you leave it without the top on. Its very runny, and if you forget to shake it, its even worse.It is bet to exfoliate the day before you apply this tan, and shave as it will sink into the open pores leaving brown dots on your skin.

Pros: Gives an average looking colour
  It gives an instant tan

Cons: It takes a long time to get it off
Streaks easily
Smells horrible
Dries in very quick
Hard to make it even.

So, overall, I'm not a fan of this tan, It retails for €4.99 In Ireland, and I think its £3.99 in the UK. Its an 'okay' tan if you want something cheap, but personally, Im not going to repurchase this. I give it a 4/10. 
Hope you enjoyed this review. 

Catherine x

This product was purchased with my own money. This review is 100% honest.

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