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Hi there,
I guess if your reading this you have stumbled across my blog!

My name is Catherine (No shit sherlock right? ) and I'm an 18 year old currently on a gap year. I havent figured out what I want to do with my life. Im at the stage where I dont know if i want to go to university or not, and I think that if I do decide to go, it may be for the wrong reasons.

I live in Ireland, in the middle of nowhere, literally, surrounded by fields and sheep. I started this blog quite a while ago, almost 2 years ago, with very little progress to date due to lazyness, exams and lack of motivation. Sitting in my room browsing the internet, i stumbled back onto my blog and realised it was foolish of me to just forget it so here I am, in January 2015 ready to start all over.

While my main love is makeup, I dont want this to be superficial, so I will also be writing lifestyle posts on my gap year, the advantages and the disadvantages and also other random posts about my boring everyday life. 

Thank you for reading,

Catherine x

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