Prairie Charms : Kadie Bow review

Hey guys!*

Recently I was contacted by Prairie charms on twitter and asked if I would like to take part in their 'Project Blogger'. As a relatively new blogger, I jumped at the chance as it is so new to me. 

So, here's a bit of information about 'Project Blogger' to begin with :

What is 'Project Blogger'?
Project Blogger is a collaboration between Prairie Charms and bloggers. The purpose is to help your blog gain awareness as well as helping contribute to the 'GOSH Charity'. The GOSH charity is Great Ormond street hospital and Prairie charms donate 10% of all profits to this charity and also the 'Kiss it better campaign'. You can find out more information on both of these charities here . The bloggers receive 50% off all purchases in the shop and they choose their item. The item is shipped promptly, but if you live in Ireland, it may take up to a week. 

What benefit is this to bloggers?
It is recognition for your blog. You also get a chance to purchase something in their beautiful shop for half the marked price. You also contribute to two charities who are in need of funding. It is so important to help charities if you can. I know money is often tight, but even in this way, you are receiving an item from their shop as well as contributing to the charity. 

So lets get onto the actual review! 

Excuse my grown out highlights :(  

The bow is a little stiff after coming out of the packaging. At times it goes very flat so I have to pull the sides out. It looks amazing on long hair and it has a clip on it so it stays on quite easily. Recently, I have been LOVING bows. Literally bows & pastels are my favourites right now. Its a floral bow and can make any plain outfit look a whole lot better. 

The bad thing about this bow is that its hard to get it straight. As with most bows, you already need to have your hair tied up before you clip it on as it doesn't hold much hair. Overall, I'm glad I made this purchase. A girl can never have too many bows, and I am only beginning in terms of adding to my collection. 

Just a reminder, I will also be removing the date from my future pictures. I never remember to do that! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you want to get involved in Project Blogger, you can contact Prairie charms through their website or their twitter : Prairie_Charms. 

*This is not a sponsored post. I paid for half the product myself. The review is honest. I was not obligated to review this product.
Also, The writing in this post is larger due to editing, and realising, my writing may be too small. Let me know if you prefer this writing or smaller writing.

Catherine x

20 facts about me

Hello everyone (: 

If your here then I guess your interested in finding out 20 facts about me, which is cool, because I personally love these posts on other blogs. So, here goes nothing!

1. I live in a tiny village in the west of Ireland
2. I have a twin (not identical, but very similar) 
3. I have been dying my hair since I was 11 (don't judge
4. I broke my left arm on a Thursday
5. I then broke my both arms 2 years later, on a Thursday
6. I don't like taking 'selfies' because I usually look awful in them 
7. I moved school this year
8. When I was young, I always wanted to be a shopkeeper or a newsreader
9. I have a German pen pal 
10. I love watching One Born every minute
11. I have a friend in Turkey I keep in contact with
12. I don't study very much, & I wish I could motivate myself more
13. If I lose something, I get a really bad headache, (happens every time)
14. When I was young, my mother used to dress my sister and I in boys clothes
15. I have a younger sister as well
16. I had no hair until I was 2
17. I am 17 years old
18 I love sitting down with a cup of tea & a chocolate digestive biscuit!
19.I hope to be either a teacher or possibly hotel manager after school
20. I laugh a lot & sometimes, I think people get annoyed at me for it.  

Right now, I probably should be studying, but I thought I'd write up this post as I think its nice to know some information about the people behind the blog. I hope you enjoyed this post & if you have done a similar post, leave me a link below as I would love to check it out!

Summer outfit

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Whats your favourite clothes store? x

Catherine x